Religious Paintings

" A lot of my images are created largely from my imagination. I prefer to work this way because then I feel as though the piece is completely my own, rather than being created partly by a machine, like a camera. I sometimes like to use extreme contrast-light & dark, foreshortened views."

Please take a moment to review some of Dean Coffman's paintings shown below. Click on any of the paintings to view a larger version. All of Dean Coffman's originals are available on t-shirts or as prints.
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The last last supper
Watercolor on paper


Click painting for larger view.

Job 38:35
Original has been damaged.
Oil on canvas.
Size: 4' x 6'


Click painting for larger view.

Throne Of God
Acrylic on canvas


Click painting for larger view.

Lion Of Judah
Original for sale.
Oil on canvas.
Size: 4' x 5'


Click painting for larger view.

The Lord Returns
Size: 4' x 8'
Acrylic paint, on sealed plywood.

Click painting for larger view.


Mural Idea

What I think Heaven is like- people (mostly kids, I guess), from community paint ideas about heaven on outside of church or other building.  I can be hired as an assistant in this kind of project.  Or pastors can take my idea & "run with it" -without my help.  They should given the cultures that are common today.

Please note that all posted prices for original paintings are negotiable.

Prices are based on $30/hour times number of hours it took to create a piece then reduce the price based on how long it will probably take to create it again.

I'll let people display my Christian art without paying me if it's displayed publicly- hopefully in in area where lots of people are walking or driving. Paintings hung in an outside window & facing outside, or if it's an outdoor piece-sealed plywood, then they could display it for free if in an outside window or outside wall. I only ask that they send a picture of it displayed this way. I'll even ship it for free. This offer continues until further notice.

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