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I really improved my abdominals while driving, simply by holding my gut in as far as I can, (go easy on this the first day - if you try it yourself).

Of course, anyone can make their abs look better in 2 seconds simply by holding them in; I'm talking about the long term effect over weeks or longer.

Anyway, most people drive their vehicles at least 30 minutes a day, and driving is a pretty low concentration activity, so all that freeway time should make getting the ol' midsection to look better easier. Also, if I have something to do which requires lots of back stress, holding the gut tight takes a tremendous load off my back. (For example, I'm currently deadlifting 350 to 425, assuming I've warmed up well, etc.). Not bad for a 62 year old body.

Of course, in addition to this "driving ab technique", I find it necessary to work out pretty intensely 5 days a week for about 1 hour and 25 minutes to achieve a reasonable level of fitness and strength. Lots of body weight exercises - push ups, pullups, sit ups, free weights, etc., are the way to go.

The other idea which helps my whole body (abdominals especially), tremendously is chewing my food really well - roll it around in my mouth, try to coat it with saliva as you're chewing it. In this fast and faster society, we tend to forget such things.

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Basketball Player created in clay from imagination. Original piece measures 8 inches tall by 4 inches front to back and 6 inches wide. Basketball net is not attached in the photo, but it is attached now -- the sculpture is complete. Glaze results can sometimes be unpredictable.

I can create a custom sculpture like this for you -- email me with several photos and/or description.

This sculpture was sold at a fundraising auction for Mater Dei High School.
The winning bid was $125.

Boxer Sculpture

Clay bust (without glaze) of myself modeled roughly from the picture below.
I can use a photo to create a piece like this for you.


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