Christian T-Shirts

Dean Coffman's original copyrighted artwork is now available on high quality t-shirts.

T-Shirts are Pre-Shrunk & High Quality
Brands include: Hanes Beefy-T & Gildan

T-Shirt Orders
Retail: $22 each (black & white or colored tees)

Wholesale -- Minimum Run: Eighteen (18) shirts w/ combined shipping
Wholesale: 18-24 pieces: $15 each (black & white or colored tees)
Wholesale: 25-50 pieces: $14 each (black & white or colored tees)
Please review shipping details at the bottom of the page, or e-mail for assistance.

Contact Information

Email Address:


Make check or money orders payable to "Dean Coffman".
15% of all t-shirt profits go to Living Well and Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Please include shipping address, phone number, e-mail address, or some other way to contact you.
Describe requested graphic design with number and text idea.
Baby, SM, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXL sizes are available. Please specify in order.
All shirts are high quality, 10 oz. white cotton, without pockets.
All shirt orders are shipped from 92707.

For orders and more information, inquire via e-mail at
or contact Dean by phone at (714) 724-4844.

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Review cost for shipping to your order.
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1 shirt: enter weight at as 1 pound,  2-3 shirts: 2 pounds,
4-6 shirts as 3 pounds. Shipping from Santa Ana Heights, Ca. 92707

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